Saturday, December 22, 2007

5 Things about Ryans

Well the last two days have been crazy busy. I spent Wednesday and Thursday making treats and delivering them. As I was driving around delivering them with Kamden I realized all the help I didn't get treats too. Sorry if I missed you but I guess you have to draw a line somewhere. If I was supper woman I may have gotten them out to all of you. I would have like to to do that. I guess that is why I am mentioning it. It drives me nuts to not be able to do all my friends. So I hope you understand. We love all of you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Ryan took this week and next off from work but ended up working 2 1/2 days this week. That drove me a little nuts I was hoping he would be home to help me a little more this week. I am just glad he has a job and a boss that is very understanding. So he can take time off to come to chemo with me and doctors appointments. Yesterday we after running all of my errands and finally cleaning out my car after 3 months we headed over to my parents. I hadn't been able to hold the twins and was dying to hold them. So finally after a coupled of days I got to just lay on the couch with Gavin and Triston for a couple of hours. I did share a little bit with Kamden and Cole they loved holding them and just checking them out. Kamden thinks we need more kids in our family. We had to try and explain that we aren't having anymore. And that she needs to enjoy her cousins. It was so fun to hold the boys they are so much smaller than my babies. They were 5 15oz. and 6 11oz. My smallest which was Cole was 8lb 6oz, Kamden was 9 10oz and Carter was 10lbs 1oz. So basically my babies would crush the twins. It is a little weird to hold such tiny babies but lots of fun. I again am very thankful to everyone and there prayers and thoughts. I said I was going to say 5 things about 5 that people should know. My sister tagged me and I still haven't done so. So I guess I have a minute today and will take time to do that.

1. Let's start with he is a tease. He is the biggest tease I know. I thought my dad was a tease. Ryan far exceeds my dad's capabilities. Ryan loves to hide and jump out and scare me as often as he can. His new thing is to steal Carter's nose and tease him and watch Carter jump around screaming for his nose back. I think he loves to laugh at himself and how cleaver he is. He teases so much that we have notice Cole is becoming quite the tease too. It helps keep our family smiling well for the most part.

2. Let's see ... he loves to spend time with the family. I love this quality in Ryan. There are so many men that love to spend time with their friends and doing their hobbies but Ryan loves to spend time with us. Our new favorite thing to do together is to spend time out on our boat with our extended family and friends. But there are many days we just go out with our family. Before the boat Ryan would work long hours in the summer and Saturdays. Now you can usually find about every Saturday in the summer we are out on the boat together. We also all love movies and spend alot of time watching movies together. Ryan also loves to get down on the ground with the kids and wrestle and give horses rides even to Cole.

3. Something else that you all should know about Ryan is that he is good at his job and loves what he does. Over the last couple of years he has gotten lots of compliments on the work he and the crew do. It makes him happy to make his costumers happy. He works hard to make them happy.

4. Another thing about Ryan you should know is that he loves to shop. He loves to shop anywhere. He never complains when we go out shopping or just to look at things. Well he doesn't like the craft and fabric stores as much but he does pretty well since his mom use to take him all the time to the craft and fabric store. Mostly he loves to shop for cloths. I think I can thank his mom for this. He has passed this on to Cole. Cole's favorite gifts are cloths just like his dad. I have to say he does a much better job of shopping cheaper than he did when we were first married. Thank goodness.

5. Ryan loves to play sports and card games. Ryan plays softball most summers since we have been married. He has also played basketball off and on since we have been married. He has also coached Cole in baseball and basketball for the last couple of years. He is so kind to do this. Any of you who have coach the younger kids know what I mean. He also loves to play card games. I am not sure if he likes to play because he almost always wins or if he would play anyway. When we get together with his family we almost always play card games. We try to play them with my family too. My family isn't as receptive just my parents. When his grandma comes to town almost every night we spend at his parents playing card games. We have such a good time.

6. O.k. I am bad I have to do one more. Ryan is so good at making me feel good about myself. He tells me often how much he loves me. He is always tell me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. I thought that would stop they older I got and the longer we had been married but it hasn't and I am so thankful.

Well I hope that helps some of you get to know Ryan a little better. I am thankful everyday for him. He has been such good help to me during my journey with cancer. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, kinder, loving husband.


Anonymous said...

Those are 6 great qualities about Ryan and I am sure he has much more. I think as wivies we should look at the good in our husband and not dwell on the negative.
I sure wouldn't want my husband to not see that good and only not at the negative about me. Maile and Blake scruffed down your treat, They loved it.
Thank You Chelsie Bishop

Tharker said...

This was a great list Rochelle. I think you and Ryan are so great together. And you have such a beautiful family. You are so blessed to have a husband who has been so supportive throughout this entire process.

Merry Christmas Bassets!

Ms. Kristen said...

I think I better write things about my husband! That was sweet of you. Hey....check out my has pictures of Kamden on it!
She was too cute! I love the carmel corn! So sweet!
Merry Christmas!!!