Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yesterday I had a nice relaxing day. Danielle had Carter and Kamden yesterday so I didn't have anything I had to do. So I addressed my Christmas cards and took a good nap. I am not blogging everyday latley it seems my life has gotten a little more boaring these days compared to the month of October. I guess that is a good thing. I had a rash agin yesterday so I took 2 Benydrl right away and put on some Hydrocrotizone cream and it seems to go away and not get worse. I am hoping that is because I got on it quicker this time.

Today was a busy day. It was a good thing I got rest yesterday. We did some grocery shopping this morning and then we headed down to Dr. Kris's in Hermiston. We took Kamden and Carter down to see Dr. Kenzie she works with Dr. Kris. Carter is allergic to milk too know so Kamden and Carter are off milk. She also adjusted Carter's back. He fell down the stairs a couple of days ago and it was out so she fix him up and then worked on his emotional. He was a mess he was really worried about me. So he is all fix up for now and then she worked on Kamden's emotional. Kamden wasn't as bad but she needed a little work down on her too. So I am hoping both will be feeling and acting better. We then head back to town to get back to chemo today. I had my short day that turned out to be two hours today. They were busy today so things took longer. Ryan and I asked eachother question about eachother. Whats your favorite.....? I learned some new things about Ryan and we have been marred 11 years and I still don't know everything. I am not sure if that is bad and means we don't talk enough or what. Anyway it was fun. I meet some new people in getting chemo today. One of the chemo nurses told us that some of her patients when their hair comes in it is nicer than what they had before. That is the first time I have heard that. I am counting on that. I have always heard it come in gray and curly. So we will see. I still have this cold and a funny voice. I am curious how long I will have it I have had the funny voice for just over a week and the cold for a week and a half. Someone told me they had their cold for 3 weeks. I am hoping it isn't that long.


Anonymous said...

Rochelle - Carter, Kamden, and Cole probably have emotions they don't know how to express so it is good that the Dr. can help them with those emotions. I am glad that you are getting some rest and down time with your kids and Ryan.

Love Ya, Chelsie Bishop

Anonymous said...

Colds can last a long time even when you're at your healthiest. Also, it's probably not that you and Ryan don't talk enough, but that a lot of things change in 11 years. I know that I have a lot of favorites now that weren't my favorites years ago. We all grow up and change. It's a good thing because I think life could get pretty boring:) Take care.