Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CAT scan and MRI

Yesterday I had my CAT scan. It was a new experience I have never had one before. For those of you who haven't had one I will tell you alittle about them. You get to drink a milky like substance that tastes like milk to me with a little flavor of berries. For those of you who don't know me well I do not like milk. So this was fun trying to drink. I couldn't eat four hours before the appointment. My appointment was at 9 am so that meant I hadn't eaten since the night before. I started drinking the milky substance at 6am and then every hour until 8 am then again at 8:30am then it was off to my appointment. When I went back to the room I thought I would have to undress and wear there fancy robes they like you to wear. That was not the case. They let me keep my cloths on and my jewelery on. That was different. They also accessed my port so they could put dye in me to see everything better. They did the scan which took maybe 10 minutes at the most. Then I headed over to the hospital to get my procret shot (red blood cell). While I was there I received a call from the people who gave me my CAT scan. They said they didn't get a good enough scan of my pelvis. So I headed back over to the scan place to have another scan. When I got home it hit me hard. I am not sure if it was the milky substance I drank or the dye they pumped through my port or they fact that I hadn't eaten but I got the chills and alot nauseated. It seemed to get a little better after awhile and then came on again later in the afternoon.

It seems that my children are having a harder time than I thought these days. I thought we had been doing really well with talking to them about different things. Things like death, what cancer is why I am sick, how I feel, how they feel. I think maybe they pick up a little bit and then we need to go over things again and hope they pick up a little more each time we talk. I feel so bad for them. I wish I knew a perfect way to explain what is happening. No, no one is perfect so I think we all do the best we can. It is amazing that anyone turns out normal.

Today I had my MRI that was different. I wont go into to many details about that. People told me that the machine was loud oh was it. I was able to listen to some music but the machine almost completely drowned out the music in the head phones. I was still able to drift in an out of a little nap. I am not sure how it was so noisey.

I received a medical coupon this week for Medicad. That is some great news but also some bad news. There is some kinks that happened so now we have to try to get them fixed. I have high hopes that it will all work out. Then we will need to reapply again in March and then our insurance should pick up all preagesting condition in August. I am hoping by August thing are all taken care of!

I have an appointment tomorrow at 11am with Dr. Kris. I thought that he would have the test results so we would know the results before Monday when we went to see Dr. Rado but the MRI lady said it takes a couple of days to get the results. So will see if he gets them sooner.


Angela said...

I really do feel weird commenting sometimes because we don't know each other but I love Amy who loves your sister who loves you so I'm kinda invested. Anyway after that run on sentance I'm so happy that its looking more and more like insurance will get worked out. What a huge blessing that will be! And Good luck with your kids, I can't imagine how hard this is.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
Sounds like you've had a busy few days. Hope you're feeling better now. I've been anxious about your test results so I can imagine how anxious you are! Glad to at least hear that there was some good news with the insurance and not all bad news. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. Can I take your kids tomorrow???

natallie said...

thanks for posting about your appt. i don't know how you do what you do, the way that you do. what can you say to your kids... sometimes they can't even remember to flush a toilet. stay strong. and everyone out there that read's rochelle's blog, please leave a comment...let her know you're thinking of her and cheering her on! :)

Heather said...

I'm not a milk drinker either... glad you could get the berry chalk drink down.

I'm sure you and Ryan are doing a great job with the kids and explaining all that is going on. Everyone has good days and bad days- kids are no exception.

Seeing you so happy and upbeat brings a smile to my face everday. Thanks.

Heather Beck

PRP said...

I too think you're doing an amazing job and what you need to remember is that even when the kids don't understand all the details of what's going on and why, they DO know how much they are loved by both you and Ryan and especially their Father in Heaven. I know that will strengthen and comfort them when they see you dealing with the scary stuff. You are doing an awesome job, never forget that. And the very best thing that you can do for your kids is to love them to pieces, which you already do.

Hang in there. We're praying for you daily and sending our love.


Klaudija -Frankfurt said...

Hi Rochelle,
Slipped in the updates after a couple of days. I stayed in hospital with Benedikt, my older one (4,1/2 Y). He had a tonsillectomy. Was all fine except for the hurting throat afterwards and me have to stay with him in the hospital. It was clear to me, that I would never leave him there allone, but still I had a hard time going. Now were back home and everythings fine.
But what realy helped me, was me keeping to think about you. You and your way of dealing with everything and your kinds. You were my inspiration.
Ever since we talked on the phone even more. Because you said that the kids are having a harder time with dealing with it, than you. I bet you do the best great job to let them know, but they have a different understanding ot time.
Just tell them again. they will rather manage while feeling how you deal with it. And if you deal with it the way you write this blog, they will be fine.

Love and miss you, Klaudija-Frankfurt