Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dr. Kris Appointment and Update!

I thought I would update everyone on my visit to Dr. Kris. Because if you are like me I couldn't wait to see him to see what my scans said. Dr. Kris only received the report from my CAT scan. The results from the MRI will be a couple of days. So we went over the results of the scan first. It was good and bad news.

The good news first, I had three liaisons on my liver that were 1" by 1" that are now 1/2 the size. I also had some other ones that weren't as big that have also shrunk in size. So I am assumeing when I see Dr. Rado on Monday the news will be 3 more rounds of chemo. So that is the bad news to me that I will have to have 3 more arounds. It isn't really that bad just disappointing I was hoping to be done on Christmas Day.

The report also showed two cysts on my ovaries that are 5 times bigger than the ones on my liver. Dr. Kris was a little concerned he is going to wait and see if Dr. Rado orders an ultra sound. I am not worried I was not surprised. Years ago I had some removed and the next day then I went in to the doctor and I had a big one on my ovaries again. I know I get them all the time and they grow and then rupture. So I am not shocked. He doesn't think they are cancer.

We also talked about my rash and he upped my medicine that I am already on for the rash.

He also adjusted my neck that was out. I asked him why I keep having my neck and back go out. He said my bones are weaker and it will probably keep doing that until I am done with chemo and for a few months longer.

We also talked about a mesectamy. He agrees with Mitra no mesectamy.

We then talked about menopause and that Dr. Rado will want me to go into menopause after chemo. Dr. Kris said he doesn't recomend sending my into menopause. He said that the cancer is not a huge estragen producor it is mainly the HER2. He said he also has me on a vitaim that levels my estragen out. So again good news hopefully no menopause.

Then he did a little emotional work. I was a little sad about that fact that the cancer wasn't all gone and I will have to do all the chemo. I really thought it was all gone. So my appoinment was mostly all good news. I am happy that the chemo is working and that the nautral stuff I am on is helping with all of the side effects. I really couldn't be more blessed. Things are going so well.

I will have a blood test tomorrwo then I will see Dr. Rado on Monday and I will know more information.


Stacia said...

Great news Rochelle! We are keeping you and your family in our prayers. I am really impressed with your doctors and how well they care for you. And once again, I am in awe of your attitude. Thank you for your wonderful example.
Stacia Rochfort

natallie said...

i agree, that is GREAT news...things are going in the right direction even if it's taking longer than expected. i think you should treat yourself to something special!

Pam Anderson said...

Every improvement is good news. So keep up the good attitude. Ryan said that the chemo nurses fight over getting to help you as you are so pleasant to be around. I have always loved that about you. Pam Anderson

Heather said...

Great news, what blessing that things have gone so well so far!

heather beck

PRP said...

Great things are definitely happening here and it's only a matter of time...He will see you through...

klaudija -Frankfurt said...

That´s so good news.
I am so happy for you. So don´t be dissapointed that you aren´t finished with chemo. Just think of the good work it has done so far, and so you can be sure, it will help until it´s all gone. Stay as strong as you have been and just keep thinking about the positive effects. Work it through and don´t let the upcomig chemo break you.
Give kisses to Carter, Kamden and Cole and say hi to Ryan. One day we will be able to come over and our kids will play together.
Love and miss you, klaudija

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, Such good words from Klaudija. What a wonderful inprovement. You are doing great. God is faithful. Not always in the way we are thinking, but his ways are always better than ours. We love you. Celebrate! Love, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Gal, Your doing great - keep up your spirits and that fiesty attitude:) You are touching so many people lives - God wants you to spread some more good. Your half way there! We love ya. Flora

Cheryl said...

Hi Rochelle, Angela just told me about your blog. So I noticed you were concerned about menopause. Hey, don't worry about it. Every day I just jump out of bed, take my pill, pluck my chin hairs, and poof--I'm on my way! You are a beautiful person and we are pulling and praying for you. Love, Cheryl Cantrell