Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What did Dr. Kris have to say about Radiation?

I think on the last post I put that I had an appointment with Dr. Fewel on Thursday it was last Tuesday sorry. I had an appointment with Dr. Kris on Thursday. I was a little nervous. I canceled my radiation appointment on Thursday so I could keep my appointment with Dr. Kris. We wanted to know what he thought about the radiation. We had fasted and prayed about the radiation and we both feel it is the right thing to do. So I was nervous Dr. Kris would say no I don't think you should do radiation. He didn't say that.

Dr. Kris said he thought radiation was a good move. He just had some suggestion on some more vitamins to take with the radiation to help it to work better and to help my cells not get so damaged.

I told him that the radiation Dr. told me I couldn't take some of the meds. Dr. Kris told me he had done some research once I told him I was going to do radiation and that all the meds are safe. So I will be taking them anyway.

Of course my back was a little out so I had an adjustment.

I also talked to him about the thrush and he suggested I get the nystantin(sp) the swish and spit med for my throat.


katherineb said...

Hi there. I'm with the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. We're going to start including patient blogs like yours on our patient web site and I wanted to ask if it would be okay for us to include a link to your blog. I think other patients hearing directly from courageous patients like you will help them in their journey.

katherineb said...

My contact information would help -