Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update before the hospital!

So I have been up early enough and had enough time in the mornings to post but Ryan doesn't like listening to the typing at 4:30am. Once things get going in the morning it seems that the last few days have been filled with lots of family and fun. So I thought I would take a few minutes and update.

I had a few different phone calls and questions today that I thought I had written about here on the blog. I am not sure if I haven't or I am just not a good communicator. I ready know I am not a good communicator so I am guess it is more that.

Anyway to let you know yes I am having surgery tomorrow at 7:30 am at Kadlec Hospital with Dr. Fewle. I will be there by 5:45 the surgery can last 1 1/2 to how every long. He said figure on about 3 hours. So Ryan shouldn't know much before 10:30 I am guessing. We are taking a laptop to update new news. We probably wont call everyone not even all family. I could be wrong but Ryan is not much for talking on the phone. So we will try to keep the blog updated. We should know right away if it is the breast cancer. If not it will be a few days before they will know. They will also do a CT scan right away to make sure they got everything. Anyway we should hopefully be updating often on the blog or at least once a day.

I also wanted to say a thank you to all the prayers they mean alot to me. I wish I was more witty and good with words to let you know thanks and how I am doing. But if you know me I am a straight shooter. So to let you know I am doing well not nervous and am very sure things are going to go really well.

Also an update on the toe. Ryan was looking at the blog today and is like your toe doesn't even look bad on the blog. It is much uglier and black in person. It is fine and not a big deal. It does look bad and only hurts when the kids step on it.

O.k. I do want to post a few family pictures and let you know we had such a great weekend with family and friends. I know I already said it but I love holidays or any good reason to spend time with family and friends.

We decided on a pancake breakfast at IHOP and saw a few other friends decided the same thing.

So here we are again out front of IHOP. Can you tell my hair is growing in? The doctor said they aren't going to shave my head just the spot where they cut so I shouldn't have to start over.

We than headed out to Basin City for there parade. The kids love this parade all the candy. Cole rode on a float in the the parade.

This is Cole after the parade. Cole soaked his dad from the float so his dad then after the parade dunked Cole in the water bucket. Cole was not happy I am sure you can tell.

This is Kamden riding a bike with no training wheels for the first time.

This was the next item on the list for Friday. We got a new water slide for summer but the kids just don't enjoy it was much as they have the pool. So we put up a pool. This was Ryan and the boys project while we had a family BBQ. This is everyone pitching in.

Here is Ryan working on his project for the day.

We all had a good time. The pool was put up and kids enjoyed the slide and the adults enjoyed lots of food and homemade ice cream along with cards.

Here is a picture of my sister Jillian. The baby!

Here is my sister Kendall number 4 and Kim number 2.

We spent all Saturday from sun up to sun down with family and friends doing what we love the most lately boating!

We had a great last day of vacation. Sunday is a favorite day at our house more family time. I was up early and even made waffles. I haven't done that since moving to the new 9am time change. To early for me to get up and do waffles and get the kids ready for church. Of course on steriods I have more up time and more energy. So the kids were so excited I like to make waffles on Saturdays and Sundays when we are home. Anyway we went to church and then home for Family Home Evening. We had a lesson on the 4th of July and why we celbrate the fourth. We then made our own flags and we had our own wars. We enjoyed building towers, thumb wars and a gunny sack race. We then ended the day with another BBQ at my parents. We have most Sunday dinners with my family on Sunday's. They were all nice to me and played cards. Ryan and I love to play cards. Most of my family doesn't enjoy it as much.


Karen Falcon said...

Wow! So sorry to read about what you are going thru. I really like your blog tho. I stumbled upon it. I like to surf around and discover knew people all around the world.

Wanted to letcha know, you can change the demensions of your slide and music player to fit in your side bar.
I know that is like the least of your priorities, but I thought maybe it'd give you a little giggle to accomplish that.
You'll see the actual dimensions in your html view of that widget when you go to edit mode. Looks like with the size of your sidebar, I would change the w and h to "200".
There will be 2 places to change those numbers for each widget, it repeats the dimensions in the html, so you'll be changing it 4xs, if you decide to do that.
Welp, I hope you enjoy that lil tip and I hope you swing by and visit me too on my blog.
I can't wait to swing back by here and see how you are doing!

Sleepless In St. George said...

I love love love you hair! It is growing in so thick...of course the schultz girls have always had great hair that i have been jealous of! It looks so cute on you! We will praying for you all day and pray that the doctors are able to remove all of the tumor.

Anonymous said...

THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE!!! It answered so many of my questions about today. I was just about ready to call your Mom. May today be filled with blessings and good news. You are the kind of daughter that every parent prays for.
love you lots and praying for you without ceasing today, Love, Teacher Kathy

Brandee Hogg said...


My entire family is thinking of you and yours today. You are in our thoughts and prayers and wish you the very best!! Good Luck and get as much rest as you can! Did you talk the doctor into a few more days of R&R like you and Ryan talked about? hahaha! Anyway, love ya and talk to you soon!


meohmyers said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like you had a great weekend!

You're in our conxtant thoughts and prayers. We're so anxious for any updates!

natallie said...

best wishes today! looks like an awesome, busy weekend for you guys. we've got to get the most out of our holidays! your kids are so lucky to have parents that plan so many activities and make so many sweet memories :)

tharker said...

Best of luck today Rochelle!

Princess Di said...

good luck rochelle. i have been thinking of you and praying for you all weekend. God Bless you.

Diane Winget (schoenrock)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
It was good running into you at the store last week. Well if I had been up on reading your blogs (I hadn't read anything for a week or two) then I would've been better about asking how you were when I saw you, so I hope you don't think I'm insensitive. I think I was probably trying to keep my kids from crawling out of the shopping cart and I was thinking how great you looked and how nicely your hair has been coming in! Anyway, you are in my thoughts today and I hope that the surgery takes care of everything.
Casey Swinburnson

Jodi said...

Hey Rochelle! My mom just called and said that your surgery went great. That's so awesome!! We've been praying and will continue praying for you and your family. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
Sending hugs your way.
I hope everything went well today. I love all the photos of your family!
Wishing you well

Sara said...

Good luck, we will all be praying for you.