Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nothing new today

O.k. so nothing really new don't get to excited about this update. Just wanted to let everyone know I am feel well today the steroids seem to work good as long as I stay on a schedule. As it gets close to time to take them I feel a little pressure but nothing like last Friday. I am also looking forward to the 4th and all the excitement. I love holidays and time to spend with my family. I know we already do most everything together but it is still a great excuse.

I don't know if I already told this story but I wanted to add it in. So bear with me. We were coming home the other day and we could see the Richland golf course. Cole says to me, "Why are all the guys out golfing where are there families"? We then talked about how for our family it is a family thing that we like to do as a family but that most people don't see it that way. He was a little confused because we pretty much only do it as a family. I love that he thinks we should always be doing things together. I am sure it will change but for now I am thankful he loves to do things with us all.

I also wanted to say at this time I really don't need anything but I well let you know after the surgery. I will probably need help after the surgery with meals. If you are looking to help you can call Nicole and let her know you can bring in a meal after the surgery. I think we might starve if I had to leave the cooking up to Ryan. O.k. we wouldn't strave we would just be eating macaroni every night. I am sure the kids wouldn't mind that. The funny thing is I know he can cook he did before we were married. But he now claims he can't and hasn't. I can't complain he is so good at so many other things if he doensn't want to cook that is o.k. in my book.


hatch said...

Funny about that being able to cook before you were married....... I am sure its because you are such a great cook he figures why.
Seriously though, what is Nicoles last name? I want to call her to get on the list. That is such a sweet story about Cole. You guys are such a fun family.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning Rochelle, I finally got back online. I have to use Uncle Carl's computer, but at least I'm up and going. I can't wait until I can get my own again. We are in the middle of packing. Boy, 33 years is too long to live in one place. I'm starting to feel like I'm in Grandpa and Grandma's house. It's really not that bad. It was probably a good thing to see how much junk Grandpa could collect. I'm sure that cut my saving junk a lot. Our d-day is Monday. We are moving to an apartment (one bedroom) for about 4 months, then our house should be done. I'm finally starting to get excited.
Traci called last night. She and the kids will be here tonight. That will be like a zoo with all the boxes around. Her kids are good, but it's still 4 more people. Cory and family are at the lake. Luann's parents have a place on a lake up north. It's a good break for all of them.
We love you all and are praying for all of you. Hold in there girl. I hope we can come down to see you in the near future. Uncle Carl isn't much for travel these days. But after this packing, and cleaning I'm ready for some r and r.
God's blessing and peace. Aunt Linda

Coop2232 said...

Hi Rochelle,

Can you post Nicole's phone number/email so people like me can get ahold of her and get on the list for meals... Glad to hear you are feeling well today. Have a great 4th... Thinking of you.

Amy Ayres

Ms. Kristen said...

Thank goodness for the organization of the Relief Society sisters. They all rally together and support in times in need!

Cole is on the button.....Aren't we suppose to be with our families? YOu are doing a great job, mom!!!

Good luck to you and your surgery on Monday. You will be in my thoughts and prayers also!

Nicole said...

I love that Cole looks at golfing as a family event. Makes me almost want to take up the sport. Almost.

For everyone's info, my e-mail is or you can call me at 547-6860 if you want to bring in a meal.

Rochelle, thanks so much for the amazing example you set for all of us. I am inspired by you.

Sleepless In St. George said...

can you have someone post and let us know how the surgery goes....for those of us out of towners....we want to know that all is well with you!

tharker said...

Good for Cole for recognizing how important his family is to him. You should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thinking of you. I bet that toe was really sore.See that the kids love that water slide.Well you take care and will be thinking of you monday. Sharyl [Dale Wilson Mom.