Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9th update!

I thought i would update a little. There isn't much new going on. They moved me from ICU to I think the 4th floor which is the surgery floor around 11:30 am yesterday. Once I got here I have had lots of nice fun visitors thanks so much. I have had no really pain like the first night. I have been able to be up and around. Ryan and I even went for a walk around the hospital last night. The nurse didn't check on me much so I got some better sleep last night. I was even able to lay more in the bed last night.

Doctor came in this morning and said when ever i was ready to go home I could. So we will see how quick things get pushed through. I wasn't wanting to go home right away but I am ready to be in my own house. I wasn't sure I would be but I am ready.

So I am doing really well.

I can't remember if Ryan posted but I will see Dr.Fewle in 2 weeks we will get more update then. For now no driving and lifting otherwise what ever I am up for I can do. No washing my hair until thursday and he said it will take a few weeks to get all the yellow junk cleaned up. I can't start radiation until I see him Dr. Fewle and as of right now I don't have a Dr. appointment for the radiation but that will be coming with time. Right now I am going to try and rest to recovery faster back to things.

Thanks so much for the comments, visitors and of course the meals. It helps to not have to worry about that so thank you so much.


Bryn & Blaine said...

So glad to hear that you are felling well. When I was in the hospital I always felt like they should bring my own bed. You just need to go home and have someone take the kids for a couple of days to get that mini vacation.=) Keep being positive. You are fighting a good fight.

Anonymous said...


So glad to hear you are feeling good and that you are doing so well. I continue to think of you often and love your blog. It has become a daily ritual for me...


Amy Ayres

meohmyers said...

I'm so relieved to hear the surgery went so well! You truly are an amazing woman. Nothing can keep you down! Please take it easy at home so your recovery is full and complete.

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, Keep this poem in mind. I have it on my wall and it has helped me. I don't know the author. Love, Teacher Kathy

Why I Shouldn't Worry:
I am chosen by the will of God,
Saved by the grace of God,
Held by the love of God, Empowered by the spirit of God, Guided by the Word of God,
and protected by the Hand of God.
That's Why!

debsters said...

All great news Rochelle. Rest well!

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, I am so glad for the dates, as it helps me with all the phone calls I get concerning you. I admire the great attitude you have for everything. You are in all of our prayers. I will come and see you when you get home. Phyllis Mason

rip said...

Not even brain surgery can keep you down! I'm glad you are doing well. Keep up the healing!

Lil' Miss Handiman said...

You and your strength continue to amaze and inspire me! Keep up the good fight. Know you are always in my prayers.

Kari Deines

Anonymous said...

Great news! You are amazing! I can't believe you were typing yesterday!!! I can't type with a migraine and you can type after brain surgery! Let me know when you get home and if you need anything at all! I am home pretty much all the time and ready to babysit or run errands, whatever you need! You are always in our prayers!


tharker said...

I hope you are able to get lots of rest. (in between the millions of hugs that I'm sure your kids will be very happy to give you!)

I'm so happy to hear that it all went well Rochelle.

Ms. Kristen said...

Glad you are recovery quickly! I will call before coming over to bring the preschool cd Ms. Stacia completed!
You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for allowing us to visit with the BOTH of you. We were having a good time with you both. Nurses probably thought we were all crazy!

But it's nice to talk to someone that is going through some of the same things we are.

Please call us if you need something from the store, someoene to take the kids anywhere they need to go, we are always up late till at least 11pm or midnight most evenings.

And you wanted our email address so here it is:

Take care and RELAX...i know that is hard for you, but dont be so stubborn. Get better so we can do dinner after our radiation appointments.

Take care and call for anything.
Dale & Heidi Wilson

Cathy said...

Rochelle, I don't comment often, but I always check your blog to see how you are doing. You are always in our prayers. I'm so glad the surgery went well, you are an inspiration.
~Cathy Pattee

Anonymous said...

Hi Gal, Glad to hear that all went well - keep kicking butt, we all know what a tough cookie you are:)Let me know if you need anything, want some company or just go for a drive. You are in our prayers always! Flora

Anonymous said...


You are amazing! You just seem to handle everything with such grace and happiness and thankfulness!! What a wonderful examlpe you are to all of us. We love ya
Aunt Lynn YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!