Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dr. Fewel

I am so tired. I think it is from the relief of finally knowing what is going to happen. I have to say I got so much information today. I will do my best to let you know what the Dr said.

I had a Dr. appointment with Dr. Fewel. We were there at 8:45 but we didn't get in to see him until 9:45 maybe 10am. That is so normal for all or most of our Dr.'s appointments. I am getting use to Dr. time. They never run on time and everything is an emergency. So basically nothing is an emergency I guess. I actually don't mind waiting this way Ryan and I get to visit and talk about the magazines we are looking through. I was starting to miss visiting with him with no more chemo and the fact that it is summer and he is busier.

When Dr. came in he asked about my symptoms and what I have had done and did a little physical exam. Then we headed to his office to look at the MRI pictures. I have to say we talked alot about the pictures. It is really hard to go over all that information with out the photo or images. But I will give you the jest of what we talked about.

The surgery will be in Monday morning. Which I was not very excited about I wanted done now. Then the more I thought about it I know it was the best. This way I can get my house cleaned, groceries bought and spend the 4th with my family. So I am relieved that I can focus on those things for now.

There could be somethings to worry about but as we talked about them he really didn't think there is anything to worry about. Nothing is for sure but he gave me best case and kind of worse case.

So best case I will be in surgery for hour 1/2 to 3 hours but it could be longer. It just depends on what they find. Which we went over all that. Then he said I would be in the hospital 2 or 3 days best case which is what he is counting on. Then if I get sick or something happens in surgery it could be long. I told Ryan that isn't a long enough vacation 2 days. I might have to see if they will let me stay longer. j/k Then I will be no lifting and no driving for at least 2 weeks. Then at his 2 week appointment he will let me know better when I can start to do things.

Were this tumor is it affects my balance and mobility. I think that is better than on the top which would affect memory and other more major things.

He said this is not normal for breast cancer and not normal for just a tumor. He said it doesn't really fit anything that he can pin down. So once they take it out and biopsy it he will know better what we are looking at.

He recommended radiation after the surgery if it is the breast cancer. We will see I am not sure. There are positives and negatives. I am still thinking about that one. Radiation has long term effects when you are talking brain but the risk of the cancer not returning is better if I do the radiation.

Like I said we went over some concerns and some positives that are hard to go into with out pictures. So for know I think that is all I can remember.

We spent the next hour or two at the hospital getting registered and doing blood draws and going over what will be going on in the hospital. I think that is so funny. I am re registered every month but when I go for any MRI, CT or anything else they re register me, refill out paper work. Does that make any sense.

I know I say it all the time but I really feel like I need to say it more often. Thank you for all the well wishes and comments. It is nice to turn on the computer and hear from so many friends old and new. Thank you for your thoughts and the time you take to post. And I know that there are a few of you out there that don't post but read thank you too.


tharker said...

Isn't "Dr. Time" so much fun? They really do live on their own little schedule don't they?

Thank you for posting this information Rochelle. It does sound very encouraging! I think it's great that you will be able to spend the holiday with your family before the surgery. Have a wonderful time!

I thought it was funny that you told Ryan you wanted a longer vacation. You're so cute!

I am praying for you and hope that all goes well on Monday.

Rest up and enjoy the 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, I am a friend of Michelle McKinnon Dolvin. She had sent me your link at the first of your treatment. I have followed often since but I am one who has not dropped you a note. I have been involved with Dr Rado and his office and I believe Dr. Fevel also as my sister in law's surgeon. My sister in law visited with Seattle as a second opinion and they worked with Dr. Rado. Second opinions are very helpful even if your comfortable with your Physicans. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.
Kathie, Walla Walla

Brandee Hogg said...


I have to tell you that when I first started to read your blog, I felt sick!! But then I got much better! You are such an amazingly fabulous person that there aren't enough incredible words to cover ground!!

I also wanted you to know that Dr. Fewel is PHENOMINAL!! Don't let his young age fool you!! He is truly gifted!! My friend works for him and when you work in the medical field, you learn quickly who the "good" ones are!! I hope this gives you some comfort in knowing that!!

I have cleared my schedule next week for whatever you need. You know I just live down the street so I can help out with anything, even if you need your kids to come play at the park for a little while. So please, please take advantage!

You are always on my mind and in my thoughts!! I know you will do and be just great! If you need me to sneak any contraband (food or candy, whatever) into you at the hospital, just give me a shout or have Ryan call me.

My family and I wish you the absolute best!!

Brandee Hogg

Princess Di said...

Rochelle, i hope you guys have a great 4th and that your surgery goes well. I will pray for you extra on Monday.


Jodi said...

Wow - so much information. That's great you'll get to have a fabulous 4th of July with your family and can concentrate on your surgery next week. I just wanted to let you know we're always thinking of you and praying for you and I'll give you a call. Jodi

hatch said...

I know I have said this before, but thank you for explaining everything to us. Enjoy your 4th of July. Please remember that I would love to help you with anything you or your family might need.