Monday, July 7, 2008

Surgury Update

We haven't been able to access the Internet. The wireless hasn't been working. So for an update the surgery was successful and no complications. Rochelle is a trooper. When the doctor came out to the waiting room, he told us she did just fine and she was already talking. "not Rochelle" He said that he thinks the tumor is breast cancer and it all came out just fine. He suggests she should do radiation eventually. After a couple of hours in ICU the doctor came in to see how she was doing. He said she is doing so good he thinks she will be able to go home tomorrow. He wants her to have a CT scan tomorrow to make sure everything is OK and there is no bleeding. If that comes back good he thinks he will release her, but she is putting up a fight. She wants to stay for a couple more days so she can have a little mini vacation.

Right off the bat she asked for 7-up and ice. At 3:00 she had some chicken broth and about 6:00pm she was able to eat a meatball sandwich. She is doing good not feeling sick. After surgery the doctor also said she was probably going to feel nausea and might have to throw up. But she has been able to keep everything down.

She is my super hero.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it.


Anonymous said...


Thanks you so much for the update....Such uplifting news. She is so strong....Hang in there.

Amy Ayres

Jodi said...

That's wonderful news!! And I don't blame her - I'd want a "mini vacation" too. She just had brain surgery for crying out loud. I can't believe the doctor is saying she will be able to go home tomorrow. She needs to keep fighting to stay longer. I even stayed 2 nights when I just had a hysterectomy. Thanks for updating us. Let us know if I can do anything. Jodi :)

Princess Di said...

wonderful news thanks for the update

Diane Winget

Cherie said...

Wow, I can't believe they want to send her home tomorrow! She deserves more than a mini vacation, that's for sure! So glad to hear that the sugery went so well! Thinking of you all often and praying everything continues to go well!
Dave and Cherie

hatch said...

Thanks so much for this update. I cannot believe they want to send her home tomorrow! Rochelle is so amazing. I am so glad to hear that the sugery went well.
Kim Hatch

Anonymous said...

WOW, SHE'S EVERYBODY'S HERO TODAY!!I was able to talk to Rochelle's Dad today. I just couldn't wait to see how everything went. She is so amazing and we all love her. She deserves a longer vacation!
Teacher Kathy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us the good news. I have been checking the blog all day long! Way to go Rochelle, you are my hero. Meatball sandwich sounds good to me. Take care and make sure they keep you as long as possible!


Brandee Hogg said...

Thank you so much! I have checked this blog all day long and have been thinking of Rochelle all day long too. It is so amazing that they want to send her home tomorrow. RESIST! Tell them that your toe is throbbing and you can't get around!! No, tell them that your toe is so hurt that it has to be elevated above your heart and the hospital beds are ideal for this, so you must stay!! Anyway, I am so excited for you!

I will call you soon so we can goooo to lunch!


Ben and Lisa said...

I have thought about you all day. I am so glad to hear the great news. I hope your days ahead are good. Love, Lisa

Bryn & Blaine said...

Glad to hear that everything is looking positive. I am glad that the surgery went well.

tharker said...

I think it's safe to say that she is all of our super hero.

Thank you for the update Ryan. That is great news!

natallie said...

thanks for the updates. you guys are even thinking of others as you go thru your trials :)

natallie said...

ps. this gave me a little chuckle.... most people like to head to seattle or boise for a little vacation. all you're asking for is an extra day or two at the hospital after BRAIN surgery and a couple of meat ball sandwiches! :) i'd throw up by doc's feet and see if that changes his mind :)