Monday, January 7, 2008

CA 2728 counts guessing GAME!

On Friday my sister Jillian came home from Florida. She has been working in Disney World on her semester off from BYUI. Our family went over on Friday night to see her. My mom had a pizza party for her return. It was nice to see her again. She showed us all the things she bought while she was there and we saw a few pictures. She has a blog so we stayed somewhat updated. I have to say she wasn't the best about updating us. But we did get some updates and lots of fun pictures. She was so busy having fun she forgot to register for this semester of school. So she wont be leaving for BYI until April. So she gets to stay home and help Kendall and I we hope. It will be nice to have her here for awhile before she leaves again.

Saturday my mom was so kind and came over and cleaned my bathrooms and floors. It is nice to have a clean house again for a few days. Karen thanks for the offer to come clean but mom beat you too it this time. I just might take you up on that offer in a little while. We had the missionaries over for take out Chinese. I hope they didn't mind but I haven't done any cooking in a while and wasn't up for it on Saturday. I have to say it has been a little while since we have had the missionaries over it was so fun. We have two really good missionaries with strong testimonies. It was nice to visit with them and hear their testimonies.

Carter woke Ryan and I up Sunday morning with a bark of a cough. He sound awful! He doesn't act sick or sound sick but when he coughs he sound not so good. So we sent Ryan home with him after sacrament. We figured the nursery didn't need any more germs. Carter and I got to take a couple hour nap. That is the nicest thing about having 9am church. I love it. We were able to go to my parents house for our traditional family Sunday dinner it is nice to have more family at the table. Of course not as many as last Sunday but still more and it was nice. We are going to start having family homevening with everyone when we go over for dinner. Cole did family home evening last night. He did a nice job on teaching us about testimonies.

O.k. as most of you know I have a doctors appointment this morning with Dr. Rado. So I will find out my blood test results. Which they will let me know my CA 2728 counts the cancer marker number. So we are hoping for a low number. Remember we want it to be lower then 40. My last blood test before this last round of chemo was 78. Any way I thought we would play a game. Guess the CA 2728 count number. The person closes to the number will win a prize. I am not sure what yet I will have to see. Yes, I have been on a few blog who have done raffles and didn't things to win a prize and I though how fun. So we are going to give it a try. So all you have to do is leave a comment with what you think my counts will be at. I wont give you they counts for a day or two to give you all a chance to post what you think. Then I will let you know who won.


Angela S said...

I'm thinking 36.2...We'll be praying for this visit!

Anonymous said...


Ok... So you got me to leave comment! I am a betting fan, so here goes my guess... 38.4. You looked so great this morning and always such fun talking to you! Thanks for helping me out always and making me feel better!!!


Anonymous said...

38.8 - I am so glad your sister forgot to register as it will be fun to have her around longer. I sure miss my kids and they have only been gone since Saturday, so I know you will love having your sister here.

Pam Anderson

natallie said...

i hope little carter gets feeling better and everyone else stays well. my guess is 38.

Stacia said...

My guess is 32. You did look great this morning. Hope you made it to the appointment on time!

meohmyers said...

What a cute idea! I'm all for playing a game! Your last blood test was 78? Is that a huge jump to go from 78 to below 40? I have no idea! I'll have to guess 39. Hopefully everyone guessing a low number will ensure a number below 40!! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to say 67, that's sounds about right don't ya think? Ha, Ha, just had to tease ya a little! My real guess will be 37, I don't think anyone else has said that one yet. It is almost 2pm now so you should be done with your appointment. Hurry and update your blog with the results so I have a better chance of winning! Hope the appointment went well.

Brandee Hogg said...

Ok! Hmmmmmmmm! I know it has already been used but I am going to guess 39. I am hoping it is really much lower than that though. The pictures of you and your family are beautiful and I hope you and your family stay well and little Carter gets better quickly!

Anonymous said...

That cough thing is going around. We have a couple kids here with it. Humidifier, vapor rub and triaminic long lasting cough seems to be working wonders. My guess is 33. Gordon says 40. Although I'd rather not guess and just have you tell us right away instead of having to wait.


PRP said...

I'm way optimistic and am thinking 31. You looked so great this morning so the number must be low... Will you please update and let us know already????

Nicole said...

Leave it to you to make getting lab results fun!

My guess is 35! I can't wait to hear! Can I pump Cole for information in the morning? lol

Jessica said...

I'm glad you waited until tomorrow to post, not that I am not dying to know but I glad I didn't miss the contest! My guess is 45. I can't wait to find out the real answer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle, it was so nice talking to you for hours last night. Well it was night for me and afternoon for you. I got up tired today, brought the kids away and now reading your updates.
Love your guessing game, would love to guess, too, but I now the results, would not be fair.
To all the guessers: I know who is closest so far!

Would love you to come visit with Ryan in September this year. You are always welcome, feel free to visit as long as you like. Maybe we still will be able to make trips together.

Love, Klaudija

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
Sounds like you had a wonderful christmas. Love all the pictures. Okay I'm guessing 34

Anonymous said...

oops i forgot to tell you that it's me, Aunt Lynn that guessed 34