Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures of the wonderful weekend.

This is a picture of our girls night out or Bacholarett Party

This is a picture of Cody and Jillian coming out of the temple after the sealing.

This is a picture of the family waiting for family pictures at the reception

Here are three of us girls enjoying a nice quite Sunday afternoon together. Kim, me and Bailey.

Here is a picture of what my dad always does when he has a moment.j/k He only does this on the stand at church.j/k I love you dad!

Well just a quick update on a fun weekend I had. My sister Bailey flew in on Monday night and spend the whole week with us. She just went home on Monday afternoon. I was able to take her down to Dr. Kris with me and she was able to see Dr. Kenzie with Kooper. She likes Dr. Kenzie and they took good care of Kooper. The kids and I enjoyed having Bailey here to play and visit with.

My sister Chauntel got here at midnight on Thursday. I took her and her two kids down to Dr. Kenzie on Friday. They also had a nice visit with Dr. Kenzie. Chauntel was able to stay at our house for the weekend. The kids loved playing with there cousins they don't see very often. They really didn't want them to leave.

We had a busy weekend. We spent half the day on Thursday at Dr. Kris's and then 1/2 the day with Dr. Kenzie on Friday. After we were done we joined the rest of the family sitting up for Jillian's wedding at the church. She was going to have an out side reception but with the not so nice weather on Saturday we decided to do it inside. It only took 4 1/2 hours to set up and an 1 1/2 to take down on Saturday. It always seems to take long to set up then take down. Then we had a girls night out we went out to dinner and shopping. It was fun to be all together again. I can't remember the last time we were all together and I don't think we have ever been all shopping together. It was fun!

Saturday was another busy day we were up again at 5:30am. We had the sealing in the morning along with 2 baseball games a luncheon with Cody (grooms) family and then home to get ready for the pictures at 3:30 and then reception from 5-7pm. Thank goodness we were done by 7. We were all cleaned up and home and in bed by 9:30.

We had 9am church in the morning which we were all ready and there before 9am WOW. Then we were able to sit and visit and relax until 4pm when Jillian and Cody opened all the wedding gifts. Just a funny. Baily and I asked well how much money did you get. She says $120.00. Bailey and I said well we gave her 80 so she only got $40 from all of the cards. We were a little confused. We then spent 20 mintues looking for the cards when my mom finally remembered she had never brought them out from her room to open. Needless to say they ended up with more than $120.

The kids and I were so sad to see the aunts and cousins leave on Monday. We are looking forward to see them all again hopefully soon.


Heather said...

Oh come on... I wanted to see a pic of the cake. :)

Sleepless In St. George said...

is that hair i see growing back in? looking good...of course the schultz girls have always been amazingly beautiful!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great (and busy) time with family! I hear the reception was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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