Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy Day/ Number still going down!

So Thursday I had a long day of appointments. I started off the day with a PET scan that started at 7:45 and went for three hours. I was able to take about an hour nap while I was there. They gave me 2 Xanx this is to help with the small space they put you in during the test. I only tell you this because it plays a part later in the day. So after the scan I had just enough time to run home because I had forgotten my cell phone. Then I headed back over to the hospital to have my infusion of Herceptin and Zometa. They also gave me Bendryl with my meds. I only tell you this because again it plays apart later in the day. As soon as I was done at the hospital I run by my mom's to pick the kids up and then headed down to Dr. Kenzie's. Kamden, Ryan and I all had appointments at 3pm. I couldn't wait until another week to see Dr. Kris my back was out and killing me. Anyway I on the way home I could barley keep my eyes open. When I got home I took a nice very long nap and got up just in time to go right to bed. I think the Xanx and the Zometa knocked me out or relaxed me just enough that I slept. Oh, I almost forgot I got my CA2729 counts back when I went into the hospital for my infusion. It is 29! The nurse said the vacation must have done me some good. I don't think she understands how not relaxing a vacation is with kids. But I am so happy to see the number is still going down even off chemo.


Anonymous said...

29 is awesome!!! I am so glad!!! It's so great to hear from you again. I really missed reading your news! You are such a remarkable woman. I loved the story about the fern and the bamboo. Thanks so much for sharing. It was a story we could all learn from!
Love, Teacher Kathy