Saturday, May 24, 2008

No New NEWS from Dr. Rado!

So I am having a hard time finding time to blog. I had an appointment with Dr. Rado on Wednesday the 21st. It was mostly a waste of his and my time. I was supose to have my PET results but I still hadn't even had the scan. I had gotten my blood work done the day before and that still hadn't come in. So he has not very happy. He was able to get me a PET exam scheduled for the next morning. As far as the visit we talked about if the cancer is all gone will we do over kill on the chemo like I have seen them do on other patients. He said no because he doesn't want my body to grow amunoed to another chemo. He feels that the likely hood of the cancer returning is extremly high and he wants there to be options for chemo treatment then. I informed him I will not be returning to him with cancer so there is no need to worry about chemo treatment down the road. I have been having trouble with my eye it has been blurry for a week or so. So Dr. is making me an eye apointment with an eye doctor to have that check out. I also told him about losing my voice twice since I have been on chemo and going horse alot. He said we would see how that goes being off chemo. We talked about treatment after we are sure the cancer is gone. He said I will be on Herceptin for a year for sure and then we would see from there. I will also be on Zometa(sp?) it's for my bones. I will do Herceptin every other week and Zometa once a month. Both are I.V. drugs. So I will still get to see my friendly nurses often just not quite as often. And I will start seeing Dr. Rado every four weeks instead of every 3 weeks. We will continue doing blood work each time and a phyisical exam at each visit. Then every 6 months I will have some type of a scan to keep an eye on everything.