Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to a routine!

This will be a little about everything. We had a great rest of the summer. We finally got to do some camping. We were worried we wouldn't be able to but we went to Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helen's. The kids really had a good time camping, hiking and playing together. We also were able to make it to my families Reunion this year in Seattle. We did more hiking, floating down the river (luckily with no one getting hurt), eating, talent show and lots of visiting and playing. Thanks Aunt Christy, Uncle Steven and Aunt Lynn for all your work it was so much fun. We also went to the fair which we all love to do. We didn't make it to the water parks or Silverwood this year but we did do a little bit of boating together which we love. We didn't do as much this year as we usually do so hopefully we can make it through winter until we can go out again.

We have been very busy at our house with getting ready for school to start and now I am sure like the rest of you very busy with running kids every different direction. Both Cole and Kamden are so excited to be back in school they missed there friends. They loved summer vacation but really were ready to see all their friends. I was sad to see them go back but happy for the routine we are back into. Carter thinks he is so big now being in preschool. He just doesn't understand why he doesn't get to go everyday like the other two kids. I always think things are going to get a little less busy when school starts but it seems to just get busier. Between school, preschool picking up dropping off, piano, scouts, soccer, dance, doctors appointment, treatments, blood work, test, birthdays, health insurance and all the other house hold things life it very busy. I am stilling saying and will continue to say I don't know how working mom's do it all. I am thankful to those who were so kind to help me out and bring some meals in during this time. It really help lighten my load.


Heather said...

I always think fall will be less busy too, but it never is!

Glad you were able to update.

Bryn and Blaine said...

Thanks for posting. I was wondering how you were feeling. I ran into your parents last weekend and your mom said that you had a lot happening. It sure sounds like that. I agree with your comment about working moms. Truth is I do not think that they can do it all. Anyway, keep up the good fight Rochelle. There are many of us still thinking and praying of you often.
Love Bryn