Monday, September 8, 2008

Appointment with MITRA

I had a dr.'s appointment with Mitra on Augustt 13th. When Mitra came into the room she was a little heisatant. She wasn't sure if I was going to bit her head off and never want to see her again. She was worried I was really mad that they didn't catch the brain tumor. I told her I didn't feel like we would be in a different place if they had caught it any sooner. She was glad I was o.k. with things.

I had a lot of question for her mainly about why they didn't catch the tumor. She said because usually you have symtoms which I didn't but they didn't think they were that bad. I have learned in the last few weeks I need to be better about tell the doctors and nurses about all my aches and pains so that they can better treat me. I just have felt like I was complain and so if they are not bad I don't tend to say anything. I have learned you have to tell everything no matter how small the ache or pain.

We also talked about my scratch or raspy throat that I had for the fourth time since I started chemo and the fact that this time it had been about four weeks(last 6weeks). I was hoping it was still thrush and that I just needed more antibotics. She was thinking it was acid reflux. So she put me on some antibotics and an acid reflux medicine. I was to take them and hopefully my throat would get better. It didnt' so the next step was to be a scoop down my throat but we opted for something else which I will go into latter.

I wanted to know when my next scan was going to be. I felt like it was time for another one. She said with radiation we need to wait for one month after treatment. The radiation can cause swelling and it wouldn't give us a good read on my head. I wasn't concern with the head just the rest of my body. My counts were going up and I wanted to check. She said we could wait it would be alright until we could do the head too. I wasn't very happy but that I could wait it out.

I was and am having edema. So I asked about that. She said it could still be from the steriods but that she would give me paper work for a echocadiogram (sp) again. She said she would also like to check to make sure it wasn't my heart from the herceptin I am getting.

So I left the appointment with a prescription for an anitbotic, an acid reflux, and orders for an echo and chest x-ray and an echo. So lots to do before my next appointment.

I had both the x-ray and the echo done the next day. I haven't gotten the results back from those but I am guess they are all good or I would have heard something.