Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The rest of the update for the last week

This is where you will find us every Saturday at Cole's basketball games. Kendall, one of the twins and Kamen and Carter.

Me not getting enough of the twins at Cole's basketball game.

See how much fun we are all having. We are self entertaining while Cole isn't playing.

Cole playing basketball.

Kadmen at on of Cole's games.

This is Kamden working on her Accountable kids board.

This is Cole with his Accountable Kids Board that he did.

And of course Carter with his Accountable Kids Board.

Then the three of them together they are so proud of their work and that they did them by themsleves. Well all but Carter.

This is Ryan helping Carter paint his Accountable Kid Board.

This is a picture of Kamden showing off her first tooth she has lost.

This was my project for the day. Something spilt on the kitchen floor this weekend that was sticky and I couldn't get it up. So I got out a scrub brush and noticed that the grout was all black or dark gray and should be white. So I spent the day scrubing the grout. Doesn't that sound like found. You can see the difference in this picture. No it isn't a shadow I wish.

This is a picture of Carter with a helmet on and ready to go on the Motorcycle. He loved it and went quite a few times with Ryan.

This is a picture of Cole on a Motorcycle this weekend. This was one of the very few times he stopped. He pretty much rode a motorcycle for about 4 hours with hardly stopping to say hello.

This is Carter and Kamden both wanting another ride from their dad but their dad is no where to be found.

Last Wednesday I went in for my CAT Scan and if you remember when you have a CAT scan you have to drink some nasty milky stuff for the scan. Which I choked down o.k. only gagging an few times. I thought I was fine and went to do a little grocery shopping after. While I was standing there checking out I thought I was going to pass out and throw up right there. And as I am trying not to throw up or pass out the cashier says to me so what is your husband doing for you for Valentine's day. I wanted to say don't you mean what am I doing for my husband for Valentine's day. I think maybe I am wrong that it is a holiday that goes both ways. But of course it was all I could do to not throw up or pass out. I didn't I make it out. I was chilled and not feeling so great the rest of the day so I hang out on the couch with the kids watching movies. I know we seem to do that a lot lately. I am just glad they like movies. I felt much better by they end of the day.

Thursday was so fun the kids and I picked up Kendall and the twins and we run around and did a few things I needed to get done. Then we went back to my mom's house and hang out for a while. The twins did so good with all the running around. Then for a special treat for the kids on Valentine's we took them to the movies to see Spiderwick Chronicles. Kendall and the twins met us there. We all had a good time and the kids love the movie. Carter didn't move the whole movie.

On Thursday the Accountable Kids boards came in so on Friday night we had the kids paint and decorate their boards. They had such a good time. We also went over the new program with them. So on Saturday we started the new program. They love it. I love it. They got up and got all their chores done without any nagging or whinning. I hope it continues to go smoothly.

Saturday we went with some friends out to ride motorcycles and four wheelers. The kids and Ryan had such a good time. Cole rode a motorcycle for the first time and we couldn't get him off he rode a bike the whole day. On Sunday he and Ryan were so sore but they both said it was worth it. Now Cole thinks he needs a motorcyle and a four wheeler.

Of course Sunday I was sick and Monday I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Kris. The kids got to go to breakfast with their grandpa and then out to lunch with their grandma. They thought they were so cool. They had a good time with grandma and grandpa. Thanks Dennis and Melanie for watching the kids.

I know some of you just want to know about the cancer stuff but I am not keeping up on my other blog so I hope you don't mind about all the family stuff.


Pam Anderson said...

I didn't know you had another blog. It sure seems like everyone has one - maybe I should do that one of these days. They seem really fun and I sure enjoy learning more about other people when I read them. Thanks everyone who writes and shares their life with all of us. Pam Anderson

beautyandthebeasts said...

That great that you kids are not complaining about chores. I hate giving out chores, I would rather do them myself and get them done the way I want them done. I am getting better at it though. You will have to let me know how the program goes! Tell Kamden - That is so cool that she lost a tooth!! - I hope that went better than the chaped lips;)

meohmyers said...

I love all the family updates, too! It's great to know you are able to get out and enjoy all the activities with the kids. Basketball ends just in time for baseball! Brady is hoping to be on the same team as Cole. I didn't realize they had to try out and get "drafted"! Seems like a lot of pressure for a 9 year old! Can't wait though!

Kristi said...

I enjoy reading your family updates. It's good to see how life is going for you along with the cancer treatments. Although it is a huge thing in your life, it isn't the only thing. I'm impressed at your grout scrubbing. NOT FUN AT ALL, but you tackled it! How fun for Kamden to lose her first tooth! That is so exciting. My kids would die (of excitement) if they could go motorcycle riding. That looks like so much fun!

Ms. Kristen said...

Tell me the name of the book again? I love the boards! So cute! I am impressed with the floor scrubbing~! It is always good to see you've accomplished something! Next time....I will come and scrub!
Thanks again for the update! I am glad you are doing great and the cancer is fading away! So awesome!
Happy, almost Spring! Get rid of the sickies!