Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dr.Kris/CAT Scan results and Update!

I will start off with the results from the CAT scan. I actually had Dr. Kris fax the results to me on Friday. But I couldn't read it. The first two scans when I read the results I might not have know one word in the sentence but could figure it out what it said. The results this time I maybe knew one word I could read in the sentence it was like the guy was showing off all the big words he know. Dr. Kris said he made up a few words along the way too. He didn't call things by liver, lungs, lymphnodes, he used other names for them. So I could only tell that it said I still have cancer because he gave measurements for some of the liasons on my liver. They have shrunk again to half the size they were before. Originally a couple of them maeasured 5 cm and then about 2 1/2 cm and now they measure 7 mm. So they are shrinking. The tissue in my breast still shows scar tissue but no cancer. They didn't mention my lymphnodes in my neck or chest but they mention that I still have cancer in my lymphnodes in my stomach or plevis area which I didn't know I had any there. I still have cyst on my ovaries that are pretty much the same size. And now I have scar tissue on my lungs. I told Dr. Kris that I never had cancer on my lungs. He said he know that. So we talked about it, it could be from the chemo we will have to wait and see what Dr. Rado thinks. My CA 2729 was 54. Wow it came down and the chemo is still working yah. I think that this means more chemo and that they will stay with the same chemo. My guess and it is just a guess is that it will be 3 more rounds.

So my appointment with Dr. Kris went well. We talked a little about the scan. He was excited had said the chemo is working again that is good and your cancer is shrinking those are all good signs. Needless to say I told him yah but it is supouse to be gone! He said it will be don't worry. Anyway of course my back was out again my rib was twisted this time. We I guess I decided after being adjusted again that I need to quite lifting the kids and moving around so quick so I can keep my back in place at least longer than a deay or two. That way I don't have to have my neck or back out the whole two weeks other than the day I am adjusted. So I told the kids no more picking them up. Which my mom says you shouldn't be doing that anyway they are to old. Yah right tell that to my kids. He also checked all my emotional things going on to make sure everything was still goo and no new stuff and everything was good. I told him about being sick on Sunday and he checked my and didn't find anything so it must be a virus. Which I will tell you a little more about that in a minute. So over all things went really well with Dr. Kris.

So back to being sick. I will start at the begining I was sick last Monday I went in for a test and found out I had a bladder infection. So I was on antibiotics all last week for the bladder infection. Then on Saturday night I was chilled and ache everywhere. It seemed to get worse as the morning went on so I took my temp and it was fine. I decided to stay home from church to get some rest. I slept the whole time the family was gone and then when they got home I took my temp again and it was 100. I was told when I had a temp of a 100 or more to call the doctor and they would run a blood test to make sure everything is o.k. So I called the on call Dr. on Sunday afternoon. He said I was o.k. unless I had a 105 temp and to just take Tylnol. I wasn't very happy but I figured I would see Dr. Kris on Monday. Anyway the rest of the day I didn't feel so great so I rested. But by Monday morning I felt fine and I didn't have a fever just a very runny and stuff nose. So I think what ever it was is gone. Then this morning I woke up with a itchy eye and this afternoon my eye is red I think I have pink eye. So I have been thinking about it and my blessing said the kids wouldn't get me sick while doing chemo. Since I have a nice break I guess I am going to get some of the things they have had this winter. I have to say nothing serious thank goodness. I actually think it is quite funny and I am so thankful I never got sick so that I didn't have to stop chemo.

O.k. I hate long post so I will leave it at that and post the rest on the next blog.

So my spell check isn't working and you all know how much I need that because I can't spell. I hope you can figure out the post.


Heather said...

I'm with you on picking up kids... it's hard when they still want you too! Pink eye stinks, hope it leaves quickly.

Anonymous said...

What the heck! I've been gone for a week and I was talking to Cheryl VanValkenburg (my neighbor) and she was telling me that you were still having to do more chemo. I didn't believe her at first because I haven't been able to read your blog for the past week! What's up with that! Dang cancer! Well, I guess we will just have to look forward to a little "cancer's all gone party" in the next few weeks! I'll call ya soon and get all the updates.

natallie said...

thanks again for updating. i'm glad things are improving...slowly but surely and that you guys are having some fun too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle! I love the new pics of you and your family. That's good news on your counts being down to 54. That's 12 points less than last time.
Keep resting and healing. Spring is coming. Yes, we love your updates. We love you too!
Teacher kathy

Nicole said...

Rochelle - I am so glad to hear the good news. I know it's not going as fast as you want it to, but Holy Cow woman! Look at where you have come from. It is AMAZING! Your 'no more chemo' party is going to be awesome no matter when it comes.

Oh, and good luck not lifting the kids. I swear they think we're pack mules;)

Anonymous said...

Numbers look good Rochelle. I keep you in my thoughts often. Can't wait to use the movie tickets...thanks so much. Keep resting and thanks for all the cute pics and blog updates... Amy Ayres