Saturday, February 19, 2011


Have some time today so I thought I would update. Jillian you asked about the interesting pain management dr. No we didn't see him again and no he isn't going to manage my pain. He didn't figure out a good schedule either.

Since I have been home I have seen Dr. Kris and Dr. Rado. There are a few new things. I will come back here for treatment after my second around of treatment in Phoenix. On Monday it will be the end of the first two weeks of Xeloda. Definitely more tired with this chemo or maybe just worn down because of the pain. I think Dr. Rado helped us figure out a good pain schedule for the drugs. It seems to be working and keeping the pain gone. Dr.Kris is giving me some new pills to help with all the swelling I have been having.

And last but not least my numbers as of Monday were 816. That is the highest they have ever been. When I was first diagnosed that number was in the 700's. So I hope this chemo does it job well.


Chauntel said...

I love you and I'm glad they have your pain managed O.K.

Angela said...

I don't comment enough but we do pray for you and love you.

Our Journey said...

We love you Rochelle! Thank you for your update and were praying for you. May God put his hands on your pain. Love you Lots stay strong!

Bailey said...

816! That is crazy. Thanks for the update. We love you.

Brandee Hogg said...

Yay for getting the pain under control!!!

My family and I think about you everyday and are praying for miracles!!! We love you and know you will give it one heck of a fight! If ever you need anything I'm a couple of streets away! (:

We Love ya,
The Hogg's

P.S. Had so much fun with Carter at the Birthday Party! What a great lil man! If he ever wants to come over and play, send him over!

Sleepless In St. George said...

Hope the pain meds continue to help and hope the chemo wipes out those CA #'s

Anonymous said...

God with you ever step of the way, you have never been alone

Anonymous said...

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natallie said...

What's been going on lately rochelle?

Our Journey said...

Need a update;)