Thursday, August 14, 2008

What your geuss?

O.k. so when I went and meet with the radiation Dr. he said I would lose my hair in the first week. Then I talked to one of the nurses she said 4-6 weeks, then I talked to another nurse and she said 3-4 weeks. So I want to know your guess how long before my hair starts falling out?

Getting through treatment

I had an appointment with Mitra yesterday. We went over a few things. I have another bladder infection. Dr. Rado said no bladder infectino and Mitra said yes you have a bladder infection. Good thing someone is paying attention! So I am on some antibiotics which we are also hoping will help my raspy voice. This is the fourth time I have had a raspy voice and I have had it since the surgery or close to it. So I am on the antibiotic, she is also having me take a reflex med and I will also be having a chest x-ray. If one of those three things don't rule or let us know what is going on she will have a doctor do a scope to check out my throat. I am hoping the antibiotic works and that it is just still thrush.

We talked about my next scan. She said I can't have a scan done until one month after radiation. The radiation makes everything swell up. I asked if that would be o.k. to wait that long to do a scan on ever thing else. She said I would be o.k. Of course I am a little concerned. They still don't have my CA2729 results in from blood work on Tuesday. That is the main way we are watching the cancer to make sure it isn't growing and spreading.

I have had some edema. So Mitra is having another echo done. That is a test on my heart. To make sure that my heart isn't having any problems then we will look at something else if it isn't the heart that is causing the edema. So Mitra is going to keep me busy in between visits. I have meds to take and an x-ray, echo and still doing my iv meds.

So it was a good and informative visit.

Today I had my Herceptin treatment. Everything went well. I just can't seem to shake this tired feeling and always needing a nap from the radiation. Thanks Kendall for watching the kids during treatment and then for another few hours while I slept on the couch.

I am still having nausea. Mitra said not to wait until I get nauseated but to just take the meds every 6 hours. She thinks if I do a better job of resting I wont throw up. Which the last two days I have done a lot of extra sleeping or naps. I haven't thrown up but I still get a little nauseated late in the night but not bad.

Well I have 4 radiation treatments done and 11 more to go not bad. I have meet a few patients that have 42 visits. I am thankful for my 15 visits or treatments.

I love the techs at the Cancer Center they are so awesome.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Radiation has StARteD!

Well I haven't updated lately because we have been on vacation. We left last Wednesday and camped and hiked at Mt. Rainer and then headed over to Mt. St. Helen's on Thursday to Friday. After we were done at Mt. St. Helen's we head to a Family Reunion. We had a great time. Even Ryan had a good time. It was my family reunion so I was happy that he had a good time. And what kid doesn't have fun with cousin even ones he has never met. We were then lucky enough to have one of my cousin stop and stay the night with us on there way home.

Monday I started Radiation. That has been a whole new experience. The first day I was a little late and very worried about it and then I found out the office was running over an hour late. Monday's are the days you have to see the doctor before you receive radiation. On Monday there was only one doctor in the office so they were a little behind. It was kinda of fun to wait and see the doctor. There were about 5 old men sitting in the waiting room chatting and they were so funny. The visit with the doctor was very short.

I am not sure why I had to meet with the doctor since I hadn't had radiation at that point. Then when I finally got to go in and do the radiation wow. They turned on the beams, lasers what ever they call them to give me the radiation and boy could I smell something. I couldn't put my finger on it. So the next day I asked the tech. He said oh, ya there are a few of you who have sensitive noses that can smell a sulfur smell. I was glad to put my finger on the small I was thinking burning flesh. Sulfur much better thought than burning flesh. The whole treatment from the time I walked into the radiation room until I walked out took minute and a half. So fast! Not what I was expecting at all. The techs are very nice and friendly which is so nice.

About 10 minutes after the treatment I had a slight headache. Then after a few hours of errands with the family I had to have them drop me off at home to get some rest. I was able to get in a four hour nap. I seems to just hit me. Then after the nap I felt great.

Tuesday I had another radiation treatment. There was no one in the waiting room but the tech waiting for me. I was about 5 minutes late. I forgot I had to go have blood work done at the hospital at 9 and my radiation was at 9:20. I thought I was doing so good and was going to be to radiation early. I hate being late. Anyway I was late again. So I walked right in and right back and it took a minute and a half. I know I already said that it is just so amazing.

Anyway I didn't seem to get a headache or need a nap on Tuesday. I am not sure if it was because I was so busy and Ryan wasn't home so I wasn't relax and felt I could take a nap. But I didn't seem to be tired so that was good. Most of the day my stomach was a little off. Not enough to make me sick but just off. I woke up this morning about 1:30 and throw up. I am not sure if it was the radiation, I have a bug (my mom throw up on Sunday on our trip I could have caught something on vacation), or just something I ate? I guess we will see how today goes.

Today I have radiation and an appointment with Dr. Rado's office, I think it is Mitra today. I guess that would make sense, since I have so many questions. I always seem to see here when I have a lot of question and see Dr. Rado when I have no questions. Then tomorrow I have radiation and Chemo well not chemo but Herceptin. IV drug I get at the hospital every other week.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Growing up Texans: Six and a half inches

Oh that was what I was going to say you should donate it and I love it. It is still long and you will be able to do lots of cute hair do's.