Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting through treatment

I had an appointment with Mitra yesterday. We went over a few things. I have another bladder infection. Dr. Rado said no bladder infectino and Mitra said yes you have a bladder infection. Good thing someone is paying attention! So I am on some antibiotics which we are also hoping will help my raspy voice. This is the fourth time I have had a raspy voice and I have had it since the surgery or close to it. So I am on the antibiotic, she is also having me take a reflex med and I will also be having a chest x-ray. If one of those three things don't rule or let us know what is going on she will have a doctor do a scope to check out my throat. I am hoping the antibiotic works and that it is just still thrush.

We talked about my next scan. She said I can't have a scan done until one month after radiation. The radiation makes everything swell up. I asked if that would be o.k. to wait that long to do a scan on ever thing else. She said I would be o.k. Of course I am a little concerned. They still don't have my CA2729 results in from blood work on Tuesday. That is the main way we are watching the cancer to make sure it isn't growing and spreading.

I have had some edema. So Mitra is having another echo done. That is a test on my heart. To make sure that my heart isn't having any problems then we will look at something else if it isn't the heart that is causing the edema. So Mitra is going to keep me busy in between visits. I have meds to take and an x-ray, echo and still doing my iv meds.

So it was a good and informative visit.

Today I had my Herceptin treatment. Everything went well. I just can't seem to shake this tired feeling and always needing a nap from the radiation. Thanks Kendall for watching the kids during treatment and then for another few hours while I slept on the couch.

I am still having nausea. Mitra said not to wait until I get nauseated but to just take the meds every 6 hours. She thinks if I do a better job of resting I wont throw up. Which the last two days I have done a lot of extra sleeping or naps. I haven't thrown up but I still get a little nauseated late in the night but not bad.

Well I have 4 radiation treatments done and 11 more to go not bad. I have meet a few patients that have 42 visits. I am thankful for my 15 visits or treatments.

I love the techs at the Cancer Center they are so awesome.


Jodi said...

It does sound like a very informative visit. That's great. And I'm happy that you love the techs you'll be seeing. Now when they talk about swelling, does that mean YOU will be swollen?

Heather said...

42 visits? Yikes!! Glad that is NOT you.

Chauntel said...

Hey Rochelle. I was just thinking how great you're doing. I hope everyone is taking good care of you. So that you can rest. Maybe that will be easier when school starts.

Lewis Family said...

I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I am sorry I missed your call. I'd love to chat when you're up to it. How often do you have radiation?