Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still running more test!

I think I posted that I was going to have an MRI and a echocariogram (SP?). Well I had those on Wednesday. Everyone keeps asking me how the the test went. The test went fine. I don't know the results and probably wont know the results from the test until next Thursday when I see Dr. Kris. My father in law and few others have asked how I could stand the waiting for the results. This time I am not in a hurry. I figured if they were bad they wouldn't have let me leave the hospital or they would have called me into the office. So I am assuming everything is o.k. I am not worried! I thought the test would only take maybe an hour or so it ended up taking almost three. The echo takes 20 and the MRI takes 22 minutes. So why did it take so long. Well I think the answer is I was at the hospital. If you ever have to have a test done try to have it done accross the street. They keep on a schedule over there. In the hospital emergency come first. Which of course they should. I just mean if you don't need it done at the hosptial try to do it across the street it will be faster.

Thursday I had Hercepton and Zometa. This time it only took 2hrs and 40 mintues. That was a little faster than the last time. I never know how long it will take. Some times they are quick and sometimes they are slower. It usually doesn't matter I like visiting with the nurses and getting letters written and what ever else I can find to get done well I am there. Plus I get to order all the food I want that is the best. I was also informed at this visit that the Benydrl I get before the Herceptin and Zometa makes me behave like I am drunk. Sinice I have been taking chemo they have given me Benydrl and I always feel very loopy and tired. Ryan usually goes with me and drives me home. Anyway this time they told me you really need to have someone drive you home. I think they have never said that before because I always go home with Ryan. Since Ryan doesn't go with me any more I think they think I need a driver.

Next week I see Dr. Kris.

I was thinking Yah I am all done then I looked at the calendar and was like oh I still have a lot of appointments. Some day soon it will be Yah no more appointments or at least not as many.


Pam Anderson said...

I know this is kind of weird, but Brad has been trying to call Ryan and hasn't been able to get hold of him. Can you have him call Brad sometime today? Thanks.

Nicole said...

So, what time on Thursday do you need a ride?

beautyandthebeasts said...

Ok, when ever you need someone to visit with and a ride let me know!!!

Jacob & Annette Rose said...

Hi Rochelle! So you will think this is totally random as you don't know me. Our families know each other I think, I think our kids are the same ages, and TriCities is so small that I feel like I know you, ya know? (I'm not sure why I'm leaving you a comment really)... I knew Ryan back in "the Branch" days, before you guys were married, but he probably wouldn't even remember me...

Anyway, I hear about you all of the time and I saw your family one night at a Teriaki place for dinner, all your boys had their heads shaved, and it was so touching. Your family seems so strong and I just wanted you to know that from what I hear about you, from everyone, is that you are one of the bravest and most wonderful people. That you have really tackled your cancer and been so strong and I just think you are such an example to others out there who are also struggling with this disease, or just struggling in general. I can't imagine what you've gone through over the last year, but I just think you seem like a rock and I pray if I ever have to fight something like what you've been through I'd have a portion of your strength and courage.

Just wanted to let you know there are people you don't even know that are hoping and praying for your recovery. (And we love Dr. Kris! I am so glad he is part of your medical team. He has helped our family so much over the years!)

Good luck with everything! I hope you don't mind comments from random strangers, too much! :)

Anonymous said...


You are such a stuborn person...LOL! I can't believe the support, the help, the friendship you provide our family all the time. You are such and amazing person, so glad that we met you. You are such an inspiration to my entire family, my MOM thinks you are such an awesome person too. Also if you ever need a ride to or from any of your treatments you know you can call on us to help you out. And I better not see you at my house mowing my yard either!!! Just wanted to say thanks for being there for us, and I hope that we can return that favor to your family! We need to pick our dinner and movie night soon too.

Thanks again the Wilson's.

da Halls said...

Hi! This is Kim Hall (Wiberg). I have been meaning to leave a comment on here for a while now...I have been following your blog for months, and am so happy to hear all of the good news! What a great example of faith, endurance, and courage you have been to all of us! I wish you the best!

Jodi said...

Hi Rochelle!
When are your appointments? I could totally be your driver. That would be a lot of fun to visit with you. I'll call you... Jodi

Anonymous said...

I love you, Rochelle. What a very special person you are!
Love, Teacher Kathy