Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two MRI"s, bloodwork and PET scan

Well it has been awhile. I have had a few people ask why I am not updating. I am not sure why I haven't. Today I thought I would let you know what has been going on lately. I am feeling good. The natural meds I am on for the thyroid seems to be working well. I am not so tired all the time as long as I don't forget to take them.

I can't say I am back to normal. I don't think I will ever be my normal again. So I am trying to adjust to a slower pace of life(enjoying the little things like tickling my kids) and a not so good memory. Life hasn't been so forgiving of the bad memory but I am told the forgetful memory is normal for alot of people. But to go from a memory that could remember all my appointment, kids appointment, activities and Ryan's without a calendar and now having to look at my calendar multiple times a day and still forget activities. For example Cole has piano every Wednesday at 3 and has all year. Yet the last two weeks before spring break at about 3:30 or later I remembered I forgot to take Cole to his lessons. This is a more common occurrence at my house lately. One of the best is Kamden has had dance for at 4 on Monday's and Cole had a game on Monday the week before spring break. I thought I had done so good. I had gotten Cole from school. Made dinner and feed my kids and got Cole's to his baseball game at 4pm. About 1/2 hour later I remembered I forgot to take Kamden to dance. Which remember we have had every Monday since school has started. O.k. I am sure you get the picture.

I can't remember if I post this or not. So I will do it and hopefully I am not repeating myself. My hip had been aching and so Dr. Rado's office ordered an MRI of my hips and also one of my head. Just checking things out. The results on the brain was a clean scan. The scan on the hips found early avascular necrosis on the left(11x20mm) and right femoral head(small than the left side). For those of you like me what is that. Very basic terms it means the blood vessel that comes up through the hip bone socket is dead. Which is causing the bone to dye. This disease comes from steroid use. The doctor doesn't think I had enough steroid with treatments to cause this. But we all know I am kind of the 1% when it comes to things.

Over the last two months my CA2729 count has gone up. It was 20 something I think 29 in February and at my last blood work it was 49(last Tuesday). As Dr.Kris pointed out it is almost 50% increase. But also 0-40 is normal. I have also been having some pain in my ribs. So Dr. Rado's office order a PET scan which I had last Thursday. The lady the did the scan said I should have results by Monday. Monday no results, Tuesday no results. Tuesday night Mitra's nurse called the hospital. They said oh we only have one guy reading the scans so he said he would put in on the top and do it first thing this morning so we will see hopefully today we will have the results.


Gillespie Family said...

Rochelle, the little things are all that matters, you don't ever need to do more than LOVE your kids, family & friends. You have inspired so many people.Don't stress the small stuff when life is so precious. The Lord will give you all the strength you need, he will comfort you, he will look after you & your family, he has always been beside you every step you have taken. YOU R LOVED!

Sleepless In St. George said...

How frustrating to have memory problems. I am sure you will figure out a solution that works for you! Luckily my phone beeps at me 15 minutes before each of my appointments, as long as I remember to put it in the phone!

Dell & Becky said...

I miss when you don't blog, Rochelle! You're in my thoughts often.
Becky Anderson

Stacia said...

Glad you posted, sorry things are hurting and your memory is not as good as before! Do you have a day planner book you can take with you?

Hope you get your phone call and its good news!

Jodi said...

So frustrating waiting for results. I'm so glad that you finally got them and they're good news. We ran into your mom last week and she mentioned your numbers doubling, so I've been impatiently waiting for the doctor's too. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have our continued support and love.

Bryn and Blaine said...

Hello Rochelle,

I just want you to know that the memory thing is all in motherhood. I forget stuff quite often. I heard once the more kids you have the more brain cells you lose. I feel for you on forgetting. The phone thing is not a bad idea just a little time consuming. I figure when all is said and done I did not forget to take them to church and set a good example which I know you are for everyone around you and beyond. Thinking of you often.