Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is normal?

So a lot has been going on but not so much in the cancer/chemo department. The only big thing that has happened is that I had a blood draw the week before I saw Dr. Rado. When I went to see Dr. Kris my CA2728 count was 54 which is so good it is coming down which means chemo is working. Well just over a week later I went in and saw Dr. Rado on the 25th of Feb. He said he didn't have the CA2728 counts so I told him a week ago it was 54. Well last Tuesday when I went in for the second dose of chemo for round 7 I asked for my blood work. So they gave me a copy of the CA counts which were run before I started this last round, round 7 it was 41. That is right you read it right 41!!!!! Can you believe it 41. Wow, remember normal is 0-40. So that means I was at normal or very close to normal before this last round. I can't wait to see what my new count is next Tuesday. Hurry, hurry to wait I know. Anyway I am suppose to have 3 more rounds of chemo but I am hoping because of the numbers maybe not 3 more rounds?

Really nothing else going on the cancer/chemo department. Everyone always asks how I am doing. I am doing really good if I could shake being tired all the time it would really help with getting things done and keeping up with me kids. And other than that I can't complain about anything that has to do with chemo or cancer. Now if we were to talk about other things in my life you might hear some rumblings.


Cyndy said...

So happy for you Rochelle. That is awesome. If you are too tired then you need to let me take and pick up Kamden at preschool and you get your rest. Really, it is not a big deal. I have to go out every morning anyway to pick up my tapes so I can do it. You need to take care of yourself and get rest and that means when you are feeling good as well. Let your friends help. I know it is hard to accept help but we all want to be there for you.


Dale/Heidi Wilson said...

Rochelle, just want to say thank you for the goodie baskets that you have brought to Heidi. You are very uplifting for her when you stop by and chat with her. You are such an awesome person.

We were so glad to run into you and your husband at the movies the other night. You provided us with lots and lots of information about what to expect.

We will have to find a way to repay you for your kindness and generosisty to our family during.

We are going to have to do dinner and a movie together with the both of you sometime soon.

Again thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

natallie said...

that is great news...i'm happy to hear your numbers are going down. hopefully with spring and summer around the corner you'll get some of your energy back soon!

Anonymous said...

That is Awesome Rochelle! I am so happy for you. Rumble, rumble, makes the rest of us feel normal. Take care and let me know if I can help in any way.


Ms. Kristen said...

I love to hear that the numbers are down! Yeehaaaa!
I love Kamdens' new haircut! And that is all Nancy could say..."I love your new haircut!" So there is some good postive talk from good ol' Nanc!!!!

Heather said...

That is superb!! You make me smile with every post. REST, REST, REST!

heather beck

Lindsay said...

That is terrific, Rochelle! I always love reading all your posts. I just think you are amazing. I hope you start getting more energy soon!

PRP said...

Hooray! That is truly amazing and it couldn't be happening to anyone more deserving. I agree with everyone else, please let us help you. Please call if I can do anything.

Chauntel said...

Yiiippppeeee!!!!! We pray for you everyday. The kids are awesome at remembering you. Lately they've been trying to hurry through prayers and only saying their thankful for family and friends. So, I think we need to slow them down and remind them to be more thoughtful and respectful.

I love and miss you so much. Maybe I'll see you all in may!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle!
41 is my new favorite number. We will be thinking about you this Tuesday. What a blessing that all is going so well. Let me know when you are up to visitors. I miss you!
Teacher Kathy

Tharker said...

How did I miss this post??? That is so amazing Rochelle! I am so happy for you!

It was so great to see you at the store the other day. It was fun to visit with you since we don't ever get the chance. You look wonderful!

Lacey Kogan said...

I am so excited for you and the low count numbers! I hope that means good things and less chemo like you're hoping. Its funny that we live next door yet I feel like I never see you! Let me know if you need anything, even some one to grumble to about the rest of life!

Wendy said...

Great news! Just wanted you to know that you are still in my thoughts - hope you get to feeling better soon. June will be awesome and will come so soon.
-Wendy Beus

Melanie Cain said...

Hey, Thanks for leaving my mom that comment. She needs some encouragement. It is hard for me to tell her to keep going when I don't know how chemo reallyy feels. Its good to help eachother out. We appreciate it. I have been seeing Dr.Kris for low blood sugar and he is amazing! My mom is doing good the the supplements he gave her and is encouraging 2 more rounds.

stevensbball said...

Hey Rochelle,
I was so happy to read the great news when I checked your blog tonight. What a blessing for you. Hope you all had a Happy Easter.
Take care,
Megan S.

natallie said...

hey rochelle, hope all is well with you and your family. give us all an update when you get the chance!